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How to provide service area data to the ACMA

The Statutory Infrastructure Provider (SIP) register includes the location of service areas with access to broadband and details of the SIP responsible for each service area.

Telling the ACMA about new project areas

The SIP register helps retail service providers (RSPs) and consumers to find out the SIP in any area. RSPs can find which SIP to contact if they need to have infrastructure installed for their customers.

Carriers who enter contracts to install telco network infrastructure in new project areas must give us an anticipatory notice.

The notice must be given within 10 business days of signing the contract. It must include:

  • the project area
  • the planned type of network infrastructure
  • the likely date of completion.

We will publish the anticipatory notice on the SIP register so that RSPs can identify the (future) SIP and location of future connections. Consumers will need to arrange a connection through an RSP.

Declaring service areas

Within 10 business days of completing the installation of infrastructure in a project area, you must declare the area a ‘provisional nominated service area’. This declaration must also be provided to us and published on your website.

Once you have declared a service area, you will become the SIP for that area.

Preparing and giving data to the ACMA

Carriers are required to give the ACMA geographic data (in the MapInfo TAB vector file format using the GDA94 coordinate system) for their new project and declared service areas.

You must prepare and format the data using working instructions developed for this purpose.

The ACMA will upload the data onto the SIP register database via, where it will be added to the NationalMap. This will allow consumers and RSPs to more easily search for and identify SIPs by area or address.

Please email us at for working instructions on how to prepare and give your data for the SIP register.

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