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FM radio

You might have trouble receiving FM radio because of faulty radio gear or interference.

Follow the steps to fix your radio reception.

Do not try to fix your equipment yourself unless you are qualified. Use a service technician.

Step 1: check your radio station coverage

Check whether you are in the coverage area for a radio station.

Search using your post code or place name to find out.


Step 2: check your radio gear

Faulty radio equipment might stop you receiving radio.

Be careful what radios you buy, especially from overseas.

Try different equipment in place of yours. If you receive radio this time, it is likely your other equipment is faulty.


Step 3: check outside

Sources outside might cause radio reception problems.

An outside source usually affects many homes. Ask your neighbours if they have trouble receiving radio too.

The way you check for and fix the problem depends on what it is.

Common radio reception problems
Source How to check

Large structure such as a mountain, hill, tree or building

Listen for a sharp or harsh sound from your radio. Usually the 'stereo light' flashes. This can mean a large structure is reflecting your radio signal.

Nearby transmitters

Listen for voices other than those on the radio program you are listening to.

If an outside source is causing your problem, consider using: 

  • an external antenna that faces the radio tower
  • an external filter on your radio

If you cannot fix your radio reception

If you followed the steps and still cannot fix your radio reception:

  1. have a service technician test for problems
  2. complain to us
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