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Fees for apparatus licences

We charge fees for apparatus licences. These fees cover our costs and give people a reason to use spectrum efficiently.

Fees for apparatus licences

We charge a yearly fee for apparatus licences.

Licence fees include:

  • fees for services
  • a licence tax

We adjust our taxes each year for inflation.

Different fees apply to commercial broadcasters.

The apparatus licence fee schedule (updated 30 April 2019) sets out the current fees for apparatus licences.

You should only use the schedule as a guide. You may want to ask an accredited person to help you or get legal advice.

You can also check if you are eligible for a licence fee exemption or concession.

How to pay your fee

If we give you a licence for more than 1 year, you can pay the fee upfront or in yearly installments. If you don’t pay on time, you will need to pay upfront in the future.

If your licence is for 1 year or less, you will need to pay upfront when we issue the licence.

When your licence is due to expire, we may offer to renew it. Our policy on apparatus licence renewals explains our process.

How we calculate taxes for apparatus licences

Apparatus licences may be for a transmitter or receiver.

We charge a licence tax for all transmitters. We only charge a tax for a receiver if you haven't licensed the transmitter. 

The amount we charge depends on if the licence is an:

  • assigned licence
  • non-assigned licence
  • new licence
  • renewal

The amount you need to pay for an assigned licence depends on:

  • how many frequencies you need
  • the amount of bandwidth
  • the frequency
  • location of the site
  • transmitter power

We base the licence tax on the population density of an area. 

Apparatus licence fee density area maps

The boundaries for density areas are available in:

We also use these to determine some taxes:

  • the Australian Spectrum Map Grid (ASMG)
  • hierarchical cell identification scheme

More information is in the licence fee schedule:

Pay your invoice

You have 45 days to pay your invoice.

If you don’t pay on time, we may refuse your application or renewal. We may also give your frequency to someone else.

You can appeal our decision.

If you give up your licence, we may refund part of your licence fee. We do this automatically.

Get help with licence fees

If you have questions about licence fees, call our customer service centre on 1300 850 115 or email us.

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