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Expiring spectrum licences

Our approach to spectrum licences due to expire between June 2028 and October 2032.

A number of spectrum licences are due to expire between June 2028 and October 2032.

These licences do not automatically renew and we will need to decide whether to renew them.

Expiring spectrum licence changes

On 17 December 2020, the Radiocommunications Legislation Amendment (Reform and Modernisation) Act 2020 (the Modernisation Act) received Royal Assent, amending the Radiocommunications Act 1992 (the Act).

The Modernisation Act made changes around expiring spectrum licences:

  • we are responsible for considering and making decisions about spectrum licence renewal, including whether renewal is in the public interest
  • we are responsible for fixing prices for any renewed licences
  • you must apply to us to have your licence renewed
  • applications for renewal can only be made during the relevant timeframes (see below for timeframes)
  • we have a certain amount of time to decide whether to renew a licence after receiving an application (for most licences in this process it is 6 months)
  • we can decide to renew a licence, renew a licence and change its conditions, or not renew a licence at all
  • there is no presumed outcome for any expiring licence.

We have published more information about our approach to changes introduced by the Modernisation Act.

Expiring spectrum licences


Earliest renewal application can be made

Licence expiry

850 MHz original band

18 June 2026

17 June 2028

850 MHz downshift licence

18 June 2026

17 June 2028

1800 MHz

18 June 2026

17 June 2028

2.5 GHz

1 October 2027

30 September 2029

2.5 GHz mid-band gap

1 October 2027

30 September 2029

700 MHz

1 January 2028

31 December 2029

2.3 GHz

25 July 2028

24 July 2030

3.4 GHz (including new 3.4 GHz licences, if allocated)

14 December 2028

13 December 2030

2 GHz

12 October 2030

11 October 2032


More information about these spectrum licences is available from the Register of Radiocommunications Licences.

Q2 2023 Consultation

We are currently consulting on developing our approach to these expiring spectrum licences, including:

  • establishing a 4-stage process for considering expiring spectrum licences
  • determining public interest criteria
  • examining use under expiring spectrum licences.

The consultation closes on 24 July 2023.

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