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Expiring spectrum licences

Our approach to spectrum licences due to expire between June 2028 and October 2032.

Spectrum licences across a range of bands will expire between June 2028 and October 2032.

Our expiring spectrum licence (ESL) framework focuses on the use of the spectrum to promote the long-term public interest.

About the ESL process

In our Five-year spectrum outlook 2023–28 (FYSO 2023–28), we identified our ESL work program as a key priority. Most in-force spectrum licences will expire between June 2028 and October 2032. 

The ESL framework includes a 4-stage consultative process to guide our assessment of options for use of the spectrum covered by ESLs and facilitate applications for renewal by incumbent licensees. It also outlines our decision-making process. 

The table below shows the stages and timing.

Stage Timing 

Stage 1: Consultation on process 

Q2–4, 2023 

Stage 2: Information gathering, views on uses of frequency bands and alternative licensing conditions

  • March 2024: Consultation opened. We are seeking views on current and future use of spectrum, views on frequency bands and alternative licensing conditions, and feedback on issues around resilience and temporary disaster responses.
Q1–4, 2024 

Stage 3: Preliminary views

  • May 2024: Stage 3 has moved and will now start in Q1, 2025. 
Q1, 2025  
Stage 4: Preferred views, renewal application and decision making  2025

Frequency bands with ESLs

ESLs in the related frequency bands below are used to deliver wireless broadband (WBB), rail safety communications, and electronic news gathering (ENG).

Band Licensees Use-case/s  Beginning of renewal period Licence expiry
850 MHz original band TPG, Telstra WBB  18 June 2026 17 June 2028 
850 MHz downshift licence Optus  WBB  18 June 2026 17 June 2028
1800 MHz 

TPS, Telstra, Optus

Railcorp (NSW), VicTrack, Queensland Rail, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (SA), the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia 


Rail safety communications

18 June 2026 17 June 2028
2.5 GHz  Telstra, Optus WBB  1 October 2027 30 September 2029 
2.5 GHz mid-band gap ABC, Channel 7, Nine Network, Network 10  ENG  1 October 2027 30 September 2029 
700 MHz  TPG, Telstra, Optus  WBB  1 January 2028  31 December 2029
2.3 GHz  NBN, Telstra, Optus  WBB  25 July 2028  24 July 2030
3.4 GHz (including new 3.4 GHz licences)  NBN, Telstra, Optus, TPG  WBB 14 December 2028  13 December 2030 
2 GHz TPG, Telstra, Optus WBB  12 October 2030  11 October 2032
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