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Australian content on commercial TV

Commercial TV has rules for broadcasting Australian content.

The information on this page reflects arrangements from 1 January 2021. 

Transmission quotas

You must broadcast each year at least:

  • 55% Australian content between 6 am and midnight on primary channels
  • 1,460 hours of Australian content between 6 am and midnight on non-primary channels.

First-release Australian programs quota

The Australian Content and Children’s Television Standards 2020 have replaced the Australian Content Standard 2016 and Children’s Television Standards 2009.

From 1 January 2021, you must meet the first-release Australian program quota. You must broadcast at least 250 points of first-release Australian programs each year. Points can only be claimed for programs broadcast between 6 am and midnight. 

Points can be claimed for first-release Australian programs that are:

  • commissioned Australian drama programs (including children’s drama programs)
  • commissioned Australian children’s non-drama programs
  • commissioned Australian documentary programs (capped at 50 points)
  • acquired Australian films.

To calculate the points, multiply the:

  • (duration of the program in hours) x (relevant points per hour broadcast as set out in the Standards).

If you have extra points, you may ‘carry over’ up to 50 points in excess of the quota in one calendar year to the following calendar year.

The Australian Content and Children’s Television Standards 2020 (section 13) explains this system.

For 2022 and later years, the Standards provide for increases to production budget and licence fee figures used to calculate points for some first-release Australian programs.

Rules in the Standard

It is a condition of your licence that you meet the quota in the Australian Content and Children’s Television Standards 2020<.

We investigate complaints about you if you do not follow the rules.

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