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Australian content on commercial TV

Subscription and commercial TV broadcasters have rules to follow for the Australian content you show.


You must broadcast at least:

  • 55% Australian content between 6am and midnight on *primary channels
  • 1460 hours of Australian content on your *non-primary channels

The Australian Content Standard gives you the quotas for:

  • Australian drama
  • documentaries

You also need to meet quotas for children’s programs.


You have to meet the Australian Content Standard points system for Australian drama content. Between 5pm and 11pm you must broadcast:

  • at least 250 points of first-release Australian drama each year
  • at least 860 points for every 3 years

To calculate the points, multiply the:

  • duration of the program in hours
  • ‘format factor’ of the program

The Australian Content Standard (section 11) explains this system.


You must show 20 hours of first-release Australian documentaries each year.

The Australian Content Standard defines ‘documentary’. It is a program that covers factual details but is not:

  • news
  • current affairs
  • sports coverage
  • magazine
  • infotainment
  • light entertainment

Rules in the Standard

It is a condition of your licence that you meet the quotas in the Australian Content Standard.

We investigate complaints about you if you do not follow the rules.

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