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Auction summary - 800 MHz residual (2001)

Quick summary

Following three earlier Personal Communications Services (PCS) auctions of spectrum in the 800 MHz band, the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) allocated the final 2x5 MHz (830-835/875-880 MHz) of the 800 MHz band released by the phase-out of the AMPS analogue mobile telephone system. The Minister declared this residual 2x5 MHz for re-allocation in October 2000 and it was offered for spectrum licensing at an open outcry auction in February 2001. Spectrum licences were issued to Telstra for the reserve price ($7m) following the withdrawal of the only other bidder, AAPT. The spectrum was sold in two lots covering the whole of Australia with the exception of the five mainland capital cities for $3.5 million each.

Auction date

22 February 2001

Amount raised

$7 million

Licence expiry

17 June 2013


Telstra at the reserve price of $3.5 million each for a total of $7 million. 

Spectrum details

Band details

830-835/875-880 MHz (paired 2x5 MHz in regional & outback areas)

Licence type

Spectrum licences

Previous use

Telstra’s AMPS (analogue cellular) mobile telephone network

Licence period

15 years

Allocation details

Type of allocation

Price based allocation of spectrum licences under s60 of the Radiocommunications Act 1992 following declaration of encumbered spectrum for reallocation by spectrum licensing under s153B(1).

Method of sale

Open outcry auction

Competition limits


Allocation information

NOTE: amended in July 1998 by the Radiocommunications Spectrum Marketing Plan (800 MHz and 1.8 GHz Bands) 1998 (Variation No. 1)

Technical information Technical framework
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