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Auction summary - 800 MHz PCS allocation 3 (1999)

Quick summary

The third Personal Communications Services (PCS) auction enabled sale of band 1 (825-830/870-875 MHz) in Remote Central Australia remained unallocated following the first and second PCS auctions of 800 MHz and 1.8 GHz bands spectrum. This open outcry auction closed on 3 May 1999 with Hutchison being the only applicant to register for this allocation and bid the reserve price of $20,000. This auction concluded the allocation of 230 spectrum licences in the 800 MHz and 1.8 GHz bands which began in 1998.

Auction date 3 May 1999
Amount raised $20,000
Licence expiry 17 June 2013


Hutchison was the only applicant to register for this allocation which it received at a total price of $20,000.

Spectrum details

Band details
  • 825-845/870-890 MHz (paired 2x20 MHz in metropolitan areas)
  • 825-830/870-875 MHz (paired 2x5 MHz in regional & outback areas)
  • 835-845/880-890 MHz (paired 2x10 MHz in regional & outback areas)
  • 1710-1755/1805-1850 MHz (paired 2x45 MHz in metropolitan areas)
  • 1710-1725/1805-1820 MHz (paired 2x15 MHz in regional areas)
Licence type Spectrum licences
Previous use The 800 MHz band was previously used for Telstra’s AMPS (analogue cellular) mobile telephone network. The 1800 MHz band was previously used for fixed links.
Licence period 15 years


Allocation details

Type of allocation Price based allocation of spectrum licences under s60 of the Radiocommunications Act 1992 following declaration of encumbered spectrum for reallocation by spectrum licensing under s153B(1).
Method of sale Open outcry auction
Competition limits

The competition limits set in the original PCS auction in April/May 1998 applied unchanged for this auction. They were that:

  • No person or specified group of persons could be allocated more than 2x15 MHz in any mainland state capital city in the frequency band 1710-1755/1805-1850 MHz.
  • Telstra, Optus and Vodafone were precluded by carrier licence condition from bidding on 2x10 MHz (825-835/870-880 MHz) of the spectrum offered in the 800 MHz band in mainland state capital cities and 2x5 MHz (825-830/870-875 MHz) of that band in other areas.
  • The carrier licence condition part of the limits precluded Telstra, Optus and Vodafone from participating in this auction for the 825-830/870-875 MHz lot in remote central Australia.
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Technical information
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