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Associated newspaper register

This register helps us check if people are complying with media diversity rules in the BSA.

This register lists the newspapers that are associated with commercial radio and TV licence areas. These newspapers are subject to the media diversity rules under the BSA.

We update the associated newspaper register as required.

'Newspaper' means a newspaper that is in the English language and published at least 4 days a week. It does not include a publication if less than 50% of its circulation is through sales.

Section 59 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (BSA) sets out when we should include a newspaper on the register.

Association with TV licence areas

If we are satisfied at least 50% of a newspaper's circulation is in the commercial TV broadcasting licence area of an associated organisation, we will enter the newspaper on the register.

If it becomes less than 50%, we will take the newspaper off the register.

Association with radio licensees

The 50% criteria for commercial TV and newspapers also apply to commercial radio licence broadcasting areas.

For commercial radio there is an extra criteria for inclusion in the register. The ACMA must be satisfied that:

  • At least 50% newspaper's circulation must be in the radio licence area
  • The newspaper's circulation must cover at least 2% of the licence area population.

If we are satisfied that the newspaper's circulation does not meet the criteria, we will remove the newspaper from the register.

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