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Media and communications trends revealed in new research


The ACMA has today released new research giving insight into the 2023 trends in the Australian media and communications sectors. 

Some of the key findings include a continued decrease in the use of landline phones, an increase in messaging via apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and continued growth in the use of smart devices such as TVs and wearables. 

Online viewing continued to grow in 2023, with more Australians watching subscription streaming services, both paid and free-to-air (FTA), and viewing user-generated or short-form online videos. Overall FTA viewership was stable with the increase in FTA catch-up streaming services compensating for the decline in broadcast FTA TV.

The research is comprised of five reports which have all been published on the ACMA website:

The Trends and Developments reports provide overarching insights into the telecommunications and media industries measuring the ways content is being consumed in Australia, while the ‘How we’ publications are interactive online reports which explore the ongoing changes to the Australian media and communications landscape.

The reports have been published as part of the ACMA’s Communications and media in Australia series which features a range of data snapshots looking at topics such as internet usage, broadcast and streaming consumption, mobile phone use and digital platforms.

The series draws on industry data and our annual consumer survey to provide an overview of the telecommunications, radiocommunications and broadcasting sectors each financial year.

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