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Communications and media in Australia: Trends and developments in viewing and listening 2022–23

Our Trends and developments in viewing and listening report explores the Australian broadcasting and digital media landscape in 2022–23. The report highlights the developments in the supply and use of media infrastructure and services. This report is part of our Communications and media in Australia series.

The way Australians watch and listen to media continues to change. Fewer of us are watching broadcast free-to-air TV or listening to radio.

At June 2023, over the previous 7 days:

  • 66% of us used an online subscription streaming service.
  • 52% of us watched free-to-air TV, excluding catch-up.
  • 56% of us listened to FM radio.
  • 66% of us watched a subscription video-on-demand service.
  • 70% of us listened to music via a streaming service.
  • 9% of us listened to radio via the internet or an app.

Download the 2022–23 research report below.




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