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Revised telco codes registered to support consumer choice


The ACMA registered two revised industry codes on 1 June 2023 that will support consumer choice – the Local Number Portability Code and Number Management: Use of Numbers by Customers Code.

Local Number Portability Code

The Local Number Portability Code sets out operational processes that telcos must follow when customers want to ‘port’ (transfer) their local phone number to a new telco provider.

The key change to the Local Number Portability Code is the introduction of timeframes for completing ports. If a single number is ported, the new code generally requires telcos to complete 80% of ports within 8 Business Days, 90% within 10 Business Days, and 98% within 15 Business Days. The timeframes vary depending on the number of services being ported and the complexity of the port.

The introduction of these timeframes will help shorten the time taken to port numbers and hold telcos accountable for timely ports. Previous versions of the code did not contain timeframes for completion of ports. These new timeframes will commence six months after registration.

Industry peak body, Communications Alliance, has committed to reviewing the LNP Code again in 18 months. The ACMA understands it will use this time to explore solutions for a faster and simpler approach to local number portability.

Number Management: Use of Numbers by Customers Code

The Number Management: Use of Numbers by Customers Code deals with telcos providing numbers to customers. Key changes to the code will make it easier and faster for customers to reconnect numbers that have been disconnected in error. This change will commence twelve months after registration. Changes have also been made to assist individuals affected by domestic and family violence keep their local number.

The delayed changes give telcos time to implement the necessary system and process changes to comply.

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