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ACMA study reveals changes for communications industry


The ACMA has released a new study examining the supply chain for the communications sector.

The study examines how trends are affecting the supply chain across several communications markets, including fixed-line, mobile, wireless and satellite networks as well as the cloud.

The research showed the COVID-19 pandemic had created a surge in demand for remote working communication, computing products, and consumer devices. This demand has in turn impacted the supply of microchips required for these products, with disruptions to manufacturing processes and logistics delays.

Equipment and infrastructure demand has also changed to assist in transformation such as upgrades from non-standalone to standalone 5G networks, network sharing arrangements and cloud network virtualisation.

Australia’s satellite industry supply chain is also undergoing change. Advances in technology means there are a greater variety of satellites operating at different orbits and with a broader range of uses.

Communication services are an essential part of various services and applications offered to Australians. Connectivity has become an integral part of daily life though connecting communities, remote working and providing essential services such as telehealth and education. 

The study will be used by the ACMA to help inform its decision making in relation to its regulatory remit within the communications industry.

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