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New phone numbering arrangements


The ACMA has today announced changes to Australia’s Telecommunications Numbering Plan to further support scam reduction activities and improve the allocation of phone numbers.

The Numbering Plan sets out the rules for the allocation, transfer, surrender, portability and use of different types of numbers in connection with telco services.

The new Telecommunications Numbering Plan Variation 2022 (No.1) includes:

  • A new short-code 7226 (SCAM) for voluntary use by telcos to help consumers report scam calls and SMS for action directly to their telco.
  • New powers for the ACMA to withdraw a phone number if it is used for scams or other fraudulent activity in specific circumstances.
  • Specification of new number ranges in key geographic areas to cater for future demand.

The changes will also allow for smaller block-sizes of numbers (down from 100,000 to 10,000) to be allocated to telcos from 17 April 2023 to aid the efficient use of numbers and to promote competition.

These variations are shorter-term measures to benefit consumers and industry ahead of a comprehensive review of the Numbering Plan before it expires in 2025.

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