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Amateur radio accredited assessors

The ACMA will provide amateur radio qualifications and call sign services from February 2024. 

We plan to introduce a new accreditation scheme, and update the amateur radio qualification and call sign framework. We plan to implement them alongside the class licence.

New accreditation procedures

We propose to use a network of voluntary assessors to conduct amateur radio examinations under a new scheme to be managed by the ACMA. These assessors will be suitably qualified, experienced amateur operators who will be able to conduct exams for amateur radio. 

This network will include the current assessors recognised by the Australian Maritime College (AMC). Other amateur operators who wish to become accredited assessors and who meet the accreditation requirements will be able to apply to us for accreditation from February 2024.

Under the proposed new arrangements, the ACMA will continue to be responsible for approving the amateur radio syllabi.

Consistent qualification levels

Under the proposed new arrangements, we will retain the foundation, standard and advanced qualification levels for amateur radio examinations. This aligns with the qualification levels in the proposed class-licensing arrangements.

ACMA to issue qualifications and call signs

Under the proposed new arrangements, qualifications will be issued by the ACMA after an applicant has passed an examination or has had their prior learning assessed and recognised. 

We will continue to be the call-sign administrator and issue call signs to amateurs with recognised qualifications. 

These proposed arrangements are consistent with our amateur spectrum management obligations under the International Telecommunication Union’s Radio Regulations and the Radiocommunications Act 1992.

We will publish a list of allocated and available call signs on our website in February 2024.

Further information

We held an information session with the current network of voluntary amateur radio assessors managed by the AMC on 21 June 2023. At the session, we outlined our preliminary views about the proposed new arrangements – see the slide pack below.


On 12 September 2023, we held a second information session with current voluntary AMC amateur radio assessors. During the session, we provided an overview of the next steps in the transition of AMC assessors to the ACMA. The slides for this session can be found below:

We welcome your feedback

We are now consulting on the new amateur radio qualification framework and assessor accreditation scheme. We invite comments from stakeholders on the proposal and the questions listed in our consultation paper: Proposed amateur radio qualification and assessor accreditation arrangements.

We also invite comments on the proposed fees for the new qualification arrangements and call-sign assignment, outlined in our consultation paper: Draft 2023–24 fees for service Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS)

Submissions to both consultations are due by 5 pm (AEST), Tuesday 26 September 2023.

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