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Before you ask us to investigate interference

We can investigate external interference to your TV reception in some cases.

Follow these steps – please note, we do not fix your antenna or equipment.

Step 1: find the problem

Read our overview of TV reception problems.

Use our self-help guide to help find the problem. This will tell you if it is something inside or outside your house, or an antenna or equipment problem.

Step 2: get help

We cannot investigate interference until an antenna specialist checks your antenna and equipment set-up. They will also check to see if there is something else affecting your TV signal.

If it is an interference problem outside your house, we may be able to help. The antenna installer will need to provide technical information that must be included in the digital TV interference form you submit. We must have this form before we can help.

Before you hire an antenna installer, ask if they have the proper equipment to assess digital TV signals and can help complete the ACMA form.

Step 3: we investigate

After we receive the form (with information completed by the antenna specialist), we will contact you to discuss:

  • the issues including how often does the interference occur and length of interference
  • if this is also affecting your neighbours
  • what steps you have taken to check your antenna and equipment
  • if you know where the interference is coming from, and whether you have talked with the person or company to find a solution.

We may visit the area to investigate the interference and will let you know the outcome. We will protect your privacy and all others involved in the investigation.

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