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Before you ask us to investigate interference

In a few cases, other signals can interfere with your TV reception. Interference, defined as the presence of other signals interfering with TV reception, is only one potential cause of TV reception problems. It does not happen often.

Most problems are caused by old or damaged antenna and equipment. Always check these first.

We may investigate external interference on your TV reception. Follow these steps before you contact us.

Step 1: find the problem

Old or damaged TV antenna or equipment cause most TV reception problems. Always check these first before you ask us to investigate interference. It is your responsibility to maintain your antenna and equipment.

mySwitch will tell you if your TV signal coverage comes from a distant TV tower that is not planned to cover your area. This is known as fortuitous reception and the unreliable nature of these weaker, distant signals are far more likely to get interference. We do not investigate interference issues due to fortuitous reception. 

Step 2: get help

Get a local antenna specialist to check your antenna and equipment are set up correctly. They will also check to see if there is something else affecting your TV signal.

The interference is internal if signals are coming from a source inside the property and interfering with the TV reception. The interference is external if the interference source is not on the viewer’s premises, or beyond the viewer’s ability to control.

If the power lines are causing interference, call your local electricity supplier. We cannot help you with power lines.

If the interference is external to your house, and not the power lines, we can investigate. 

The antenna specialist will complete Digital TV interference online form with the right technical information. Before you hire them, make sure they can assess digital TV signals and fill in the form.

Step 3: we investigate

After we receive the form completed by the antenna specialist, we will contact you to discuss:

  • your TV reception and interference issues including frequency and length of interference
  • if this is also affecting your neighbours
  • what steps you have taken to check your antenna and equipment 
  • if you know where the interference is coming from, have you talked with the person or company to find a solution

We do not fix your antenna or equipment. We can only give you advice on how to fix your antenna and equipment.

We may visit the area to investigate the interference, and will let you know the outcome. We will protect your privacy and all others involved in the investigation.

We seek to resolve any issues first through education and awareness. If necessary we may take formal steps to enforce the provisions of the Radiocommunications Act 1992.

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