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Using the RBS reporting portal

Carriers must use the RBS Reporting Portal to report on their premises under the Regional Broadband Scheme. Follow these steps to use the Portal.

Register for MyGovID

To access the Portal, carriers need to register for myGovID.

myGovID is a secure, authentication service. It enables you to prove who you are online and on behalf of a business when accessing online government services, such as the RBS Portal. It's like the 100-point ID check but on your smart device.

myGovID requires a compatible smart device. The myGovID app is compatible with most smart devices and is only available from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

To register for myGovID, visit the website or phone 1300 287 539.

myGov and myGovID are not the same thing. Even if you have a myGov account, you will still need to get a myGovID to be able to access the RBS Reporting portal.

myGovID is unique to each user – you cannot share your myGovID. Each user will need to register and obtain their own myGovID and it is a breach of the myGovID terms and conditions to share your myGovID.

Before you can use your myGovID, it needs to be linked to an Australian Business Number (ABN) in the government’s Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM).

To link your myGovID to the ABN of your organisation, the Principal Authority of your organisation will need to set up your authorisation to act on their behalf. Read the instructions for information on how to do this.

Get a one-time token to access the RBS Reporting Portal for the first time

Contact our Revenue Assurance team to obtain a one-time token before you access our RBS Reporting Portal for the first time. One-time tokens are specific to an individual authorised contact. Each time a new authorised contact first accesses the RBS Reporting Portal, a new token will be required.

To get help

If you have problems getting a myGovID, visit their help centre or call 1300 287 539.

Information about myGovID’s security can be found on their website.

Information about security of information on the RBS Portal, email our Revenue Assurance team or call 1300 850 115.

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