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Most of the legislative instruments we make ‘sunset’ (that is, they are automatically repealed) 10 years after they are registered.

Sunsetting is automatic and helps make sure our legislative instruments:

  • stay up to date
  • are necessary and useful
  • are only in force for as long as they’re needed

Some of our legislative instruments do not sunset. These include:

  • licence area plans made under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992
  • submarine cable protection zone declarations made under the Telecommunications Act 1997
  • digital radio channel plans made under the Radiocommunications Act 1992

Sunsetting process

When a legislative instrument is about to sunset, we need to review it to see if it needs to be remade.

Before the deadline, we also need to:

  • make any policy changes that may be required and consult the public on those changes
  • if no significant changes are needed and the instrument is seen to be working well, consult the public on that
  • look at feedback from the public and industry
  • redraft and remake the instrument if needed
  • register the instrument on the Federal Register of Legislation

We follow processes set out by the Office of Best Practice Regulation. View their guidance note for more information about sunsetting.

Your feedback is important

We consult the public when a legislative instrument is about to sunset. You can have your say by making a submission.

We value your views on the legislative instruments that we make.

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