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Submit RPE data for antennas

Accredited persons must give us real radiation pattern envelope (RPE) data for some services. You have to do this before you complete a frequency assignment or submit a certificate.

In the fixed point-to-point environment, antenna performance is a key factor when re-using frequency.

All frequency coordination studies must use actual manufacturer data for antenna RPE. This is a condition in RALI FX3 (Appendix 11). You have to meet this condition for us to accept the assignment, unless we already hold the data.

For a system designer, choosing a suitable antenna can be a compromise between capital cost and the performance you need. As the regulator, we need to manage issues of interference and spectrum efficiency. For this reason, we specify minimum performance criteria for antennas.

Services that need antenna RPEs

In addition to the requirements of RALI FX3, accredited persons (APs) must give us RPEs for:

  • RALI FX3 Microwave Fixed Services
  • RALI FX14 Point to Multipoint Fixed Services in specified parts of the 3.4 to 3.59 GHz Band
  • RALI FX17 Narrowband Single Channel, Two Frequency Point to Point services in the 400 Hz and 900 MHz Bands
  • RALI FX19 Broadband Wireless Access Services in the 1900 to 1920, 2010 to 2025 MHz and the 3575 to 3700 MHz Bands
  • RALI FX20 Millimetre Wave Point to Point Self-Coordinated Stations operating in the 58 GHz, 75 GHz and 85 GHz Bands
  • RALI FX22 Frequency Assignment Requirements for the Fixed Services in the 800 MHz Band
  • RALI MS33 Public Telecommunications Services in the 2 GHz Band

For other radiocommunications services, RPE data is not mandatory. However, we encourage frequency assigners and APs to submit RPE data if you create a new antenna record.

How to give us RPEs

Send us RPE data using the recommended NSMA format. We may accept other formats that provide similar information, such as specification sheets.

Email the electronic data file to

or mail to:

Licensing Allocation Section

Licensing & Infrastructure Safeguards Branch

Australian Communications and Media Authority

PO Box 78

Belconnen ACT 2616

ACMA frequency assigners

Our frequency assigners may create a new antenna record in the the radiocommunications licensing database (SPECTRA) as a part of the frequency coordination for a new assignment or at the request of an accredited person.

The frequency assigner creating the antenna record is responsible for:

  • providing a copy of the antenna RPE data and notifying the our Engineering and Information Services team of the Identification (ID) number of the newly created antenna
  • where an accredited person has requested the creation of the antenna, notifying the accredited person of the corresponding ACMA Antenna ID

No new antennas should be created unless the antenna RPE data is provided (e.g. by the licence applicant or requesting accredited person).

Accredited persons

Accredited persons can ask for a new antenna record in Spectra. You should include the antenna RPE data when you submit your request for a new record.

When we create the record, we must:

  • record a copy of the antenna RPE data
  • store the Antenna ID number of the new antenna and give it to you

Antennas created using our online services for accredited persons system

Accredited persons creating a new antenna record using our online services for accredited persons system should provide a copy of the RPE data and notify the us of the antenna’s corresponding ACMA Antenna ID.

Licence applicants

Licence applicants need to provide RPE data for new antennas. Ensure you make it clear to ACMA frequency assigners and accredited persons which antenna you are proposing for use.

Auditing of antenna RPEs

We will conduct regular audits to ensure antenna RPE information has been supplied for all newly created antennas in SPECTRA. Frequency assigners and accredited persons are responsible for ensuring the requirements of this business operating procedure are satisfied before completing a frequency assignment or submitting a Frequency Assignment Certificate.

Obtain copies of antenna RPEs

We have established an online facility to enable frequency assigners and accredited persons to access the RPE data of SPECTRA antennas.

Not all SPECTRA antenna patterns are currently available online. RPEs are provided only for antennas the ACMA has been able to verify, with a high degree of confidence, a ‘match’ with an existing ACMA antenna ID. We are continuing to work towards reconciling other antenna RPE’s in our collection with ACMA antenna IDs.

The current list of antenna RPE’s is available here.

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