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Science class licence

This class licence lets you operate radiocommunication devices for general scientific activities (scientific stations).

What this licence lets you do

Scientific stations can be used for:

  • radiocommunications research
  • investigation of radiocommunications
  • instruction in radiocommunications
  • equipment demonstration
  • equipment testing
  • trials of new radiocommunications technology
  • radio propagation path testing
  • station repair and maintenance.

The science class licence allows you to operate a station for these activities on shared frequencies. They are outlined in the Radiocommunications (Science and Research) Class Licence 2023.

You should apply for a scientific apparatus licence if you want to operate a station at defined frequencies and locations. Scientific apparatus licences may also include bespoke technical and operational conditions. You can find information and guidelines about scientific apparatus licences and the process for applying on the ACMA website.

Licence rules

You don’t need to apply for a class licence or pay any fees.

But you must follow all the rules in the:


If you are operating a land station and mobile station, the frequencies you may use are in schedule 1 of the class licence.

If you are operating an ultra-wideband station, the frequencies you may use are in schedule 2 of the class licence.

You may operate a station on any frequency if:

  • your transmissions are confined to a screened room or shielded enclosure 
  • all electromagnetic energy (EME) emissions are dissipated into a non-radiating dummy load.

Station identification

You must identify your station:

  • every time you start to transmit
  • before you transmit in a series
  • when you test.

You can use any form of station identification, as long as you provide sufficient information about the location and nature of your station.

You may not need to identify your station if:

  • you do not communicate by voice
  • the way you transmit makes it technically unrealistic to identify your station.

Device standards

The device or equipment you operate under the class licence must comply with the Radiocommunications Equipment (General) Rules 2021 (the General Equipment Rules). 

Where a device does not comply with an applicable standard, you must apply for a permit (and be issued a permit) to supply or operate and possess the device. 

The application and issue of a permit for a device that does not meet an applicable standard is separate to the licensing process. The ACMA website has more information about the permit scheme and applicable fees under the General Equipment Rules.

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