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Request an opinion on control

You can ask for a written opinion on whether you are in a position to exercise control of a licence, a newspaper or a company.

You can apply to us for an opinion:

  • before you propose a transaction, contract, agreement or other arrangement
  • on your existing situation

Once we have given an opinion, we are bound by that opinion.

If we give an opinion that you are not in a position to exercise control of a licence, newspaper or company, no action can be taken against you under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (BSA) for being in a position to exercise control, provided that the circumstances advised to us in your application remain substantially the same.

The fee for providing an opinion is $15,150. It must be paid when the application is lodged.

What we must do

We may ask you for further information via a written request within 30 days of receiving your application.

We must provide our opinion within 45 days of:

  • receiving your application
  • receiving further information we asked for

If this does not happen, it means we have agreed with your opinion.

Request an opinion

Your completed application form (form B15) should be sent to

We will send you a confirmation of receipt of your application.

You should provide your views on whether the person or company who has asked for our opinion, is in a position to exercise control of the licence, newspaper or company in question.

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