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RadComms 2018 program

Delivering the future

When: 30–31 October 2018. 

Where: Australian National Maritime Museum, 2 Murray Street, Darling Harbour, Sydney

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DAY 1: Tuesday 30 October 2018
9.00−9.10 am  SESSION ONE: Welcome and introduction
James Cameron, Authority Member, ACMA
9.10−9.30 am  Opening address
Nerida O’Loughlin, Chair and Agency Head, ACMA
9.30−10.30 am  Keynote address
Mark Pesce
Futurist, inventor, writer, entrepreneur, educator and podcaster  
10.30−11.00 am  MORNING TEA
SESSION TWO: Broadcasting futures
11.00−11.05 am Session introduction
Fiona Cameron, Authority Member, ACMA
11.05−11.15 am  Giles Tanner
General Manager, Communications Infrastructure, ACMA
11.15−11.30 am Bridget Fair
Chief Executive Officer, Free TV Australia
11.30−11.45 am Joan Warner
Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Radio Australia
11.45 am−12.00 pm Peter Lambourne
Chief Executive Officer, Broadcast Australia
12.00−12.20 pm Panel/Q&A
12.20−1.00 pm LUNCH
SESSION THREE: Competition futures
1.00−1.05 pm Session introduction
Nerida O’Loughlin, Chair and Agency Head, ACMA
1.05−1.35 pm Keynote address
Rod Sims, Chairman, ACCC
SESSION FOUR: Broadband futures
1.35−1.40 pm Session introduction
Chris Jose, Authority Member, ACMA
1.40−2.00 pm Lambo Kanagaratnam
VP, Optus Network Deployment, Optus
2.00−2.15 pm Chris Worley
Senior Engineer, Spectrum Planning & Engineering , ACMA
2.15−2.35 pm Mike Wood
General Manager, EME Strategy, Telstra
2.35−2.55 pm Panel/Q&A
2.55−3.25 pm AFTERNOON TEA
3.25−3.30 pm Session introduction
Giles Tanner, General Manager, Communications Infrastructure, ACMA
3.30−4.00 pm Karl Rodrigues
Executive Director, International and National Engagement, Australian Space Agency
4.00−4.15 pm Dr John Dawson
Section Leader, Geoscience Australia
4.15−4.30 pm Simon Reynolds
Service and Asset Performance Advisor, Airservices Australia
4.30−4.45 pm Patrick Tatum
Chief Engineer, Iridium Satellite Communications
4.45−5.05 pm Panel/Q&A
5.05−5.10 pm DAY 1: Closing remarks
Day 2: Wednesday 31 October 2018
SESSION SIX: Policy and technology
9.00−9.05 am Welcome and session introduction
Creina Chapman, Deputy Chair and CEO, ACMA
9.05–9.30 am Keynote address
Richard Windeyer, Deputy Secretary, Department of Communications and the Arts
SESSION SEVEN: Satellite futures
9.30–9.35 am Session introduction
Mark Loney, Executive Manager, Operations, Services and Technologies, ACMA
9.35–9.50 am Bashir Patel
Global Spectrum & Regulatory Policy, ESOA
9.50–10.05 am Tony Azzarelli
VP Regulatory, Global Licensing & Spectrum Affairs, Oneweb
10.05–10.20 am Chris Hofer
Director, Regulatory Affairs, Viasat Inc
10.20–10.40 am Panel/Q&A 
10.40–11.10 am MORNING TEA
SESSION EIGHT: Spectrum futures
11.10–11.40 am Giles Tanner
General Manager, Communications Infrastructure, ACMA
11.40 am–12.25 pm Linda Caruso
Executive Manager, Spectrum Reform Implementation, ACMA
12.25–1.25 pm LUNCH
SESSION NINE: Defragmentation dividend
1.25–1.35 pm Session introduction
James Cameron, Authority Member, ACMA
1.35–1.55 pm Marc Eschenburg
Partner, Aetha Consulting
1.55–2.10 pm Chris Althaus
Chief Executive Officer, AMTA
2.10–2.20 pm Chris Hose
Executive Manager, Spectrum Planning and Engineering, ACMA
2.20–2.40 pm Panel/Q&A
2.40–3.10 pm AFTERNOON TEA
SESSION 10: The spectrum spotlight, with your host Giles Tanner
3.10–3.40 pm Giles Tanner
General Manager, Communications Infrastructure, ACMA
3.40–3.50 pm Concluding remarks


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