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Telco complaints-handling performance

You can view and interact with this report to compare telco data submitted to the ACMA since September 2018. Data can be viewed by quarter or financial year, about:

  • services
  • complaints
  • time taken to resolve complaints
  • escalated complaints (referred to telcos by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman).

The data in this report is important to our work as an evidence-informed regulator. It helps us with policy development and compliance strategies. It also provides valuable information to our stakeholders.

View the report

You can view this report in full-screen mode by clicking on the arrows icon in the top right-hand side of the report window. 

Navigate pages by clicking the buttons. 

If you’re having trouble viewing or using the report, please a try a different web browser or contact us.

About the telco data

Large and medium-sized telcos with 30,000 or more services send us data about the complaints they receive. We collect this data under the Telecommunications (Consumer Complaints) Record-Keeping Rules 2018.

The data includes:

  • details of certain complaint types
  • the NBN access technology the customer is using
  • the time taken to resolve complaints.

Due to legal restrictions, we generally cannot publish telco names or information that would identify them. However, the data helps us to decide if there are areas of telcos’ complaints-handling performance that we need to look at more closely.

It also provides transparency to industry, consumers, and government.

We may update historical data if corrections are made by providers or the ACMA after its release.

Data quality

We check the data before publication, with any issues taken up with telcos.

Accessible data files

You can download the data files for this report. If you are having trouble accessing any information, please contact us.

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