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RALI FX20: Millimetre wave point-to-point (self-coordinated) stations

Use RALI FX20 to coordinate and licence point-to-point stations in the fixed service.

This RALI deals with point-to-point (self-coordinated) radiocommunications links in:

  • 58 GHz (57-59 GHz) band
  • 75 GHz (71-76 GHz) band
  • 85 GHz (81-86 GHz) band

Radiocommunications Assignment and Licensing Instruction (RALI) FX20 is for accredited persons and licensees. It may also be useful to:

  • telco network operators
  • people who plan systems
  • manufacturers or importers of electrical equipment

It guides you on what to consider when you plan a system to:

  • manage interference
  • meet domestic and international radiocommunications rules
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