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Point-to-point (VHF high band)

Point-to-point (VHF high band)

Licence type


Frequency band(s)

10.0 Fixed

10.6 Point-to-point

VHF High-Band
(150.05000 – 151.39375 MHz paired with 154.65625 – 156.00000 MHz)


Band/Channel plan(s)

VHF High Band Frequency Band Plan (148 – 174 MHz)

Licence information

Fixed licence: point to point

Licence conditions determinations

Spectrum embargoes
(current as of last update of this page)

Embargo 41 applies.

For a current list of applicable embargoes, refer to RALI MS03.

Coordination criteria
(RALIs, advisory guidelines, etc.)

Intra-service coordination

  • In the absence of published criteria for the coordination of two frequency fixed (point to point) services in the VHF High Band Plan, reference may be made to the interference management criteria in RALI FX17.

Inter-service coordination

AP alert


Frequency assignment practices


Business operating procedures

  1. ACMA contact details for accredited persons
  2. Assignment limit for co-path single-channel links in the VHF and UHF bands
  3. Procedure for submitting requests for exemptions from embargoes
  4. Radiocommunications site data requirements
  5. Submission of antenna radiation pattern envelope data to the ACMA
  6. BOP Correcting information in the ACMA’s Register of Radiocommunications Licences

Spatial data

Download embargo areas, in Placemark (Google Earth) and Shapefile format, from spectrum embargoes.

Download spatial representations of ‘rural’ and ‘non-rural’ areas, as defined in the VHF High Band Plan, in Placemark or Shapefile format.

Other information

The segment 150.05000 – 151.39375 MHz paired with 154.65625 – 156.00000 MHz is allocated to the fixed service (two frequency) on a primary basis in rural areas.

See the VHF High Band Plan for further information.

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