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Our previous graduates

Find out what previous graduates think about our graduate program.

2022 graduate – Generalist

My graduate year was interesting, challenging and introduced me to a range of issues affecting Australians. I spent my first rotation working in the Content Investigations section. This involved responding to complaints from the public about content broadcast on television and radio. I also completed 2 investigations into gambling and privacy issues.

During my second rotation, I worked on the News Media Bargaining Code. As part of this rotation, I participated in key stakeholder roundtables with representatives from major media organisations, digital platforms and other government agencies. I also contributed to key policy areas, including the review of the News Media Bargaining Code and the ACMA's oversight over misinformation and disinformation.

The experience was a great insight into the rapidly changing and dynamic media and communications sector.

2022 graduate – Economist

I’ve had a fruitful and engaging graduate year. I started the program in the Economics Advisory Section of the Spectrum Allocations Branch, where I’ve been able to apply my economics knowledge to a unique set of issues in spectrum management and supported the release of our apparatus licence fee calculator, which is quite a snazzy tool.

The graduate program was also good for allowing me to participate in a wide variety of policy areas. My second rotation in the Spectrum Licensing Policy Section allowed me to work across different and interesting issues, including scientific licensing, banned equipment and amateur radio.

Working with other graduates around the country through our graduate project was also a pleasure. We focused on diversity and inclusion, where we were able to inquire into interesting and challenging issues to overcome. Overall my graduate year was a very worthwhile experience!

2021 graduate – Data

Despite a turbulent year through lockdowns and remote working, I gained invaluable experience and skills in a supportive environment with my team, fellow graduates and senior mentor.

My first rotation with Unsolicited Communications Compliance showed me how data informs regulatory activities. I presented a case to decision-makers on investigating a business for breaches, and learned how the ACMA reduces consumer harm and decides who to investigate.

In my second rotation with the Data Strategy and Visual Analytics team, I helped business areas utilise their data assets, culminating in publishing an interactive research report, How Australians use the internet. I also analysed a survey of the agency’s critical data assets to discover how these are managed.

Throughout this, I participated in the Australian Public Service Graduate Development Program, which included modules on professional and technical skills like public service brief writing, administrative decision-making and career management. ACMA graduates also completed a major project, including literature reviews, division-wide discussion groups and whole-of-agency surveys. We presented our findings to the Executive Management Committee.

The experience has given me great career skills, valuable connections and lasting friendships.

2021 graduate – Engineering

It was amazing to learn about the inner workings of spectrum planning; coming from a technical background, it can be easy to fall into the trap of viewing problems and tasks from a single point of view.

I’ve been able to perform technical assessments of proposed broadcasting services around the country while getting exposure to the broader implications of that assessment. Is the proposed service in line with policy for that particular service area? What is the process for allocating that spectrum? And will this require input from Authority members?

The ACMA is a great place to work, which is mainly due to its people and culture. Individuals can bring their authentic self to the role, leverage their experiences and knowledge, and challenge the status quo – leading to a workplace where change is embraced and encouraged.

2021 graduate – Generalist

I was lucky enough to work on unique projects alongside talented and friendly colleagues. I am grateful to have learnt so much from supervisors, mentors and peers at the agency.

The graduate program gave me many learning and development opportunities. I did 2 workplace rotations with the eSafety Commissioner and the ACMA. I worked with fellow graduates to complete a major project, coming away with experience in planning, teamwork, research and leadership.

I developed strong connections with my graduate peers through regular project meetings, as well as lunch and coffee catch-ups spanning virtually across the ACMA’s Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney offices.

2020 graduate – Research analysis

The 2020 graduate program at the ACMA was a great year of new experiences and meeting brilliant people who have been very generous with their knowledge and time.

I had 2 fantastic rotations in the Research, Analysis and Data team and the Content Investigations team. It’s been a pleasure to be involved in a broad range of work, including the ‘Australians and news’ research at the beginning of the year, an investigation into a radio broadcaster, fielding many complaints and researching cultural diversity on television.

One of the highlights of the program was participating in the APS Graduate Development Program where, as a cohort, we developed a project called 'Our Digital Future’. We are immensely proud of the success of our project – it was a substantial amount of work on top of our rotation workloads, but along the way we developed strong, close, professional and personal relationships with one another and with many others across the agency.

2020 graduate – International strategy and futures

The graduate program was a welcome and fulfilling experience. I built strong relationships with the amazing people I was fortunate enough to work with.

I have my supervisors to thank for the interesting and varied work I contributed to, including an investigation into spam breaches by Woolworths and a brief on the safety implications of immersive technology. It is these relationships, and the breadth of work I was involved in, that I value most as I move into my ongoing role at the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

2020 graduate Generalist

I have now completed two rotations, in Licensing and Infrastructure Safeguards and Legal Services. Some of the highlights in my first rotation include working on an LPON investigation, as well as contributing to the EME, 5G and you content.

In the second rotation, I was able to sharpen my legal research, writing and review skills. I really enjoyed working on the legal aspect of matters across broadcasting, interactive gambling, spam, and telecommunications. I am grateful to have learned so much from my supervisors, as well as my buddies, colleagues and mentors, who made this year so rewarding.

2020 student engineer (similar work to a graduate placement)

Working at the ACMA as a student engineer has been an experience I have really enjoyed. I worked on many different projects, each with unique aspects to consider and evaluate. The work was very interesting, engaging and often extremely challenging!

On my placement I worked within the Spectrum Planning and Engineering branch, which is responsible for enabling various spectrum uses in Australia. I had to learn a lot of different skills very quickly, and got to work with many talented and interesting people.

I had previously done several other engineering work experience programs and was pleasantly surprised by the great depth of technical work at ACMA for students, and the how students are given so much more responsibility than other programs.

The ACMA engineering work experience is a great program for engineers interested in honing their skills in a wide range of topics, and those engineers looking for opportunities to work in the Australian Public Service.

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