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Notice: Allocation of unsold spectrum licence from the multiband residual lots auction

In accordance with clause 13 of Schedule 4 to the Radiocommunications (Spectrum Licence Allocation – Multi-band Auction) Determination 2017 (allocation determination), the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) must announce or publish information about the allocation of a spectrum licence under clause 10 of Schedule 4.

The ACMA advertised the post-auction allocation process for a 3.4 GHz band spectrum lot on Monday 16 September 2019, and applications opened at 10 am on Monday 30 September 2019. In accordance with the procedure set out in Schedule 4 to the allocation determination, a spectrum licence (the 3.4 GHz band spectrum licence) was allocated.

Table 1: 3.4 GHz band spectrum licence


Lot number

Lot name

Geographic area



Bandwidth (MHz)

3.4 GHz



Canberra A



Name of successful post-auction applicant

The 3.4 GHz band spectrum licence was allocated to Optus Mobile Pty Limited.

Post-auction pre-determined price

The post-auction pre-determined price for the 3.4 GHz band spectrum licence was $5,558.40

3.4 GHz band spectrum licence

The 3.4 GHz band spectrum licence can be downloaded at the link shown.

How to contact us

Questions about the allocation of the 3.4 GHz band spectrum licence can be directed to Eleanor Kay, Multiband Auction Manager, on (02) 6219 5430 or at

For media enquiries, please contact Rachel Tunney, ACMA Media Manager, on (02) 6219 5310 or at

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