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New rules for a more resilient emergency call service

To help make our telecommunications networks more reliable, the ACMA has developed a new set of rules for telcos in the Telecommunications (Emergency Call Services) Determination 2019 (ECSD 2019).

This follows an investigation we conducted into the 2018 Triple Zero outage, where 1,433 emergency calls failed because of fire and network software problems.

Under the ECSD 2019, providers must:

  • maintain emergency call networks and facilities
  • tell ECPs and other providers that rely on them for access if there is a large network outage
  • do a welfare check on people who have tried to call during a large network outage
  • monitor disruptive and non-genuine calls and work out a process to stop these
  • put together a communications process for when disruptions happen

Visit the Federal Register of Legislation page to view the full Telecommunications (Emergency Call Service) Determination 2019.  

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