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Radio-controlled models class licence

This class licence lets you use radio devices to control model planes, trains, cars and boats.

What this class licence lets you do

This class licence lets you use radio equipment to control model:

  • planes
  • trains
  • cars
  • boats

All users operate on shared frequencies.

Licence rules

You don't need to apply for a class licence or pay any fees.

But you must follow all the rules in the:

Power output

Your equipment cannot exceed the maximum power stated in the class licence.

Frequencies for radio-controlled models

You can find the frequencies for radio-controlled models in the class licence.

Problems with interference or reception

Your transmitter must not interfere with other radio services. This includes other radio-controlled model systems.

If you get or cause interference, you must try to fix it.

You may have to:

  • return your device
  • stop using your device
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