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Low interference potential devices (LIPD) class licence

This class licence lets you use some short-range devices on shared frequencies.

What this class licence lets you do

The low interference potential devices (LIPD) class licence allows the use short-range devices.

These devices include:

  • wi-fi devices
  • wireless microphones
  • garage door openers
  • telecommand for drones'
  • radars including automotive
  • home detention monitoring equipment
  • personal alarms
  • ultra-wideband transmitters
  • infrared equipment
  • video sender transmitters
  • radiofrequency identification (RFID)
  • barcode readers.

All users operate on shared frequencies.

The radio-controlled models class licence is for models (such as model ships or planes) that you control with radio frequencies.

Licence rules

You don't need to apply for a class licence or pay any fees.

But you must follow all the rules in the:

For some devices you must follow extra rules:

We often update the equipment that is covered under this licence. 

You should regularly:

Radio quiet zone in Western Australia

You must follow extra rules if you plan to use an LIPD device near Murchison Radioastronomy Observatory.

The observatory is located in central Western Australia. 

There is an exclusion zone of 70km around the observatory.

Frequencies for LIPD devices

You can find the frequencies for LIPD devices in the class licence.

If you want to use other frequencies, you must apply for an apparatus licence.

Problems with interference or reception

You cannot get protection from interference under a class licence. 

We manage possible interference by restricting:

  • the types of devices
  • the amount of power a device can have
  • areas where you can use a device
  • frequencies for some equipment.

The LIPD class licence has rules about places where you can’t use certain devices. This is to protect important stations from interference.

LIPD class licenced devices must not cause interference to radiocommunication services.

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