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Emergency locating devices class licence

Search and rescue groups use emergency locating devices to help find survivors.

What this class licence lets you do

Emergency locating devices can be used by people in distress situations.

These devices include:

  • satellite distress beacons
  • emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) – automatic identification systems (AIS)
  • locating aids including     
    • maritime survivor locating systems (MSLS) - such as a man overboard (MOB) device
    • AIS search and rescue transponders (SART)
    • radar SART

This class licence only lets you use these devices in distress situations.


Satellite distress beacons on aircraft are covered under the aircraft and aeronautical mobile stations class licence.

You can get more information about emergency locating devices on boats from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Licence rules

You don't need to apply for a class licence or pay any fees.

But you must follow all the rules in the:

Frequencies for emergency locating devices

You can find the frequencies for emergency locating devices in the class licence.

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