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Aeronautical licence

An aeronautical licence lets you communicate with aircraft from the ground, such as for air traffic control.

What an aeronautical licence is for

An aeronautical licence lets you operate a station for:

  • air traffic control
  • aerodrome radio information services
  • private company radio at an airport or airfield
  • other airport or aerodrome services

One licence covers the use of a range of equipment at one place, including:

  • fixed stations
  • mobile stations
  • hand-helds
  • stations on aircraft

An aeronautical licence is an assigned licence. All equipment must operate on the assigned frequency.

Airservices Australia manages aeronautical frequencies. They must approve an aeronautical service before we will give you a licence.

You must also be accredited by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to operate an aeronautical station. 

The Radiocommunications (Interpretation) Determination 2015 defines aeronautical licences. 

Licence conditions

When you have an aeronautical licence, you must follow the conditions of your licence.

These include:

These conditions help you communicate safely and without interference.

We will include information you should be aware of under the heading 'advisory notes'.

Airservices Australia may have other rules you need to follow.

Call signs

Call signs are a unique series of letters and numbers. They make it easy to identify a station.

We will give you a call sign, or you can use a call sign from Airservices Australia or CASA.

You should use your call sign:

  • every time you start to transmit
  • before you transmit in a series
  • when you test

Aeronautical call sign template


Aeronautical call sign template (example: VKA714)


first 2 alpha characters are VJ, VK, VL, VM, VN, VZ, or AX, with the third character being any alpha


numeric character 2 to 9


numeric character 0 to 9

Aerodrome radio information stations also need to identify where they are.

For example:


This helps pilots know where:

  • the station is
  • the service comes from


We charge fees for apparatus licences.

In some circumstances, you can apply for a licence fee exemption or concession.

Apply for an aeronautical licence

To apply for an aeronautical licence you should contact an accredited person.

They can:

  • assign you a frequency
  • give you a frequency assignment certificate
  • apply for your licence for you

Transfer an aeronautical licence

You can apply to:

Get technical details

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