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Help for Accredited Persons

This business operating procedure helps Accredited Persons contact the right area with queries. These areas manage and support the Accredited Persons (AP) Scheme.

Accreditation queries

Queries relating to:


Phone: 1300 850 115

Mail: Licensing Allocation Section

Licensing and Infrastructure Safeguards Branch

Australian Communications and Media Authority

PO Box 13112, Law Courts

Melbourne Vic 8010

Frequency assignment for apparatus licensing

Queries about frequency assignment that appear in legislative instruments and policies, including:

  • Australian radiofrequency spectrum plan
  • Business operating procedures (BOPs)
  • Frequency band plans and administrative band plans
  • Licence conditions determinations
  • Radiocommunications assignment and licensing instructions (RALIs)
  • Spectrum embargoes


Phone: 1300 850 115

Requesting an exemption to the frequency assigning policy

  • general queries about exemptions
  • to apply for an exemption


Registering devices for spectrum licensing

Queries relating to the registration of radiocommunications devices under spectrum licences, including:

  • assessing and complying with technical criteria in section 145 determinations
  • registering devices under Guard Space or Agreement
  • assessing compatibility requirements in Radiocommunications Advisory Guidelines under section 262 of the Act


Phone: 1300 850 115

Fax: (02) 6219 5347

Submitting a frequency assignment certificate (FAC) online

Problems or queries about submitting an electronic FAC to us, such as:

  • the online system rejects your submission and you don't understand the error message
  • you do not receive the automatic acknowledgement email 
  • your submission is taking longer to process than you expect


Technical issues relating to:

  • account set up
  • digital signatures 
  • lodging an electronic FAC or IIC 


Apparatus and spectrum licensing

Queries about:

  • apparatus licence types and their related licence options
  • spectrum licences and the trading of spectrum licences


Phone: 1300 850 115

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