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Log 134: Request for various documents related to submarine cable installation permit applications made/granted under under Schedule 3A to the Telecommunications Act 1997

Disclosure date
FOI Request

The Applicant requested access to installation permit applications (including any additional information requests) and the installation permits for specified submarine cables issued under Schedule 3A to the Telecommunications Act 1997.

Disclosure summary

Thirty-eight documents were identified as falling in scope of this request. Thirty-five documents were released in part subject to redactions made under section 22 of the FOI Act of material exempt under sections 33 and 47G of the FOI Act or out of scope of the request, and 3 documents were exempt from release under section 33 and 47G of the FOI Act. Nineteen of the 38 documents released in part are subject to third-party review rights and access to those documents will be provided to the applicant (and published on the Disclosure Log) once those review rights have expired.

Date of removal
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