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Log 113: Request for documents relating to Cloudflare Australia Pty Ltd

Disclosure date
FOI Request

The Applicant requested copies of the following documents:

1. In the time period 1 January 2020 until 6 September 2022, all emails, letters and other correspondence to and from Cloudflare and/or its representatives or agents, including any document attached to or supporting any such correspondence.

2. Over the same time period, all records of any meetings with Cloudflare and/or its representatives or agents, including but not limited to minutes, diary notes, agendas and proposed agendas.

3. All documents discussed, received or transmitted at any such meeting.

For each of the above, the scope was limited to documents that relate to gambling matters.

Not all of the information released to the Applicant has been published. Information that the ACMA considered was unreasonable to publish under section 11C(1) of the FOI Act has not been published.

Disclosure summary

Six documents were identified as falling in scope of this request. All documents were released to the Applicant in full.

Date of removal
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