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LOG 20: Blocking of access to IP addresses or websites; and websites and/or IP addresses blocked under s313 of the Telco Act

Disclosure date
FOI Request

The Applicant sought documents relating to (a) the use of s 313 of the Telecommunications Act 1997 to enforce the blocking of access to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses or websites; and (b) a list of any websites and/or IP addresses the ACMA has sought to have blocked under s 313.

Disclosure summary

95 documents (including copies) fell within the scope of part (a) of the request.

16 documents were released to the applicant in full.

45 documents were exempt in part, which have been released with redactions (except for copies).

34 documents were exempt.

The ACMA had no documents within scope of part (b) of the request.

More information

Some documents have had additional redactions applied prior to publication under section 11C of the FOI Act to remove personal information.

Date of removal
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