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Employment conditions

Our employees are engaged under the Australian Public Service Act 1999 and are subject to the terms and conditions of employment in the ACMA’s Enterprise Agreement 2020–2023.

To be eligible for employment with us, there are some mandatory conditions that you will need to meet


You must be an Australian citizen to be eligible to apply for all ongoing vacancies with the ACMA, and non-ongoing vacancies that are security classified positions. For all other vacancies you must provide verified evidence of your eligibility to work in Australia.

Pre-employment screening and security clearances

Before an offer of Australian Public Service (APS) employment is made, as part of our pre-employment checks you will need to provide 100 points identification documentation to confirm Australian citizenship or eligibility to work in Australia and also undergo an Australian Federal National Police Check.

This is to ensure you are considered a fit and proper person for APS employment and to provide assurance of your suitability to access Australian government resources. Across the ACMA, there are positions which require a security clearance. The position profile and the external advertising for this vacancy will identify any need for a security clearance and the required level of clearance.

If you do not hold a valid security clearance you will need to undergo a vetting process, undertaken by the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA). As part of this process you must have a checkable background for last 5 or 10 years depending on the required level of clearance. Information on the security clearance process, including Frequently asked questions, is available on the AGSVA website.


All new ongoing engagements are subject to a 6-month probationary period, during which we help you understand what is required of you in your new role and assess your suitability to work in the APS.


Former staff of any APS agency or the Australian Parliamentary Service are excluded from employment with the ACMA until the redundancy benefit period resulting from any redundancy payment received from that employer has expired.

Your exclusion period is linked to the level of redundancy benefit you have received. Further information regarding exclusion periods is provided on the APSC website.

Health clearance

Before you start work with us, you will need to complete an Employment Health Declaration.

We use it to:

  • consider any health issues and decide whether a medical examination is needed to determine whether you are fit to perform the role you are being employed for
  • help us provide an appropriate workplace area if you have a disability or a short-term injury

Work health and safety

The responsibility for health and safety at work belongs to everyone.

Everyone who works at and visits our office must comply with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (including the Regulations and Codes of Practice). This includes our employees, contractors, consultants and visitors.

Formal qualifications

Some of our positions may require formal qualifications, in which case we will ask you to provide evidence of your qualification before starting employment with us.

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