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Digital radio

You might have trouble receiving digital radio because of faulty radio equipment, interference or poor coverage.

Follow the steps to fix your radio reception.

Do not try to fix your equipment yourself unless you are qualified. Use a service technician.

Step 1: check your area

Digital radio is available in the capital cities. 

In the next few years, digital radio will be available in some regional areas.

You can check whether your area has or will get digital radio through Commercial Radio Australia.

You can also ask your local radio station whether they plan to broadcast digital radio in your area.


Step 2: check your radio equipment

There are things you can do to make sure your radio equipment is working properly.

Tune to FM radio

Digital radio equipment can usually receive FM radio. 

To check your equipment, try tuning to an FM radio station.

If you have FM reception problems, your equipment might be faulty.

Get help from your equipment supplier.

Check your antenna

For small radios that do not have an antenna:

  • make sure the headphones are fully plugged into the headphone socket
  • change the position of the power cable

Sometimes the power cable and headphone cable can work as an antenna.

If you are using a radio you can carry around:

  • fully extend the antenna
  • try your radio in different places in your home

It is usually difficult to receive radio in rooms with thick walls or underground.

You can try using an external antenna with some digital radio equipment. An external antenna can help you receive radio.

Scan or reset

Try scanning for channels or factory resetting your radio equipment.

Check your user manual for instructions.


Step 3: check your home

Digital radio is less likely to have interference than AM or FM radio.

However, you can check whether electrical equipment in your home is causing your reception problem.

With your radio on, switch off electrical equipment such as:

  • TVs
  • washing machines
  • LED lights
  • computers
  • mobile telephones

See whether that changes your reception.

If your equipment is causing your problem, consider:

  • moving the equipment
  • fixing your equipment
  • buying new equipment

We may investigate equipment to check whether it complies with our rules. If it breaks our rules, we may:

  • investigate the supplier
  • ask you to stop using the equipment

We do not take your equipment away.

If you cannot fix your reception

If your area has digital radio and you have reception problems, you might need better coverage.

Contact Commercial Radio Australia with your:

  • street name
  • suburb
  • state
  • postcode

If you followed the steps and still cannot fix your radio reception:

  1. have a service technician test for problems
  2. complain to us
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