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2024–29 draft five-year spectrum outlook

Help shape our spectrum management priorities and work program

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    25 Mar 2024
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    06 May 2024

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The draft Five-year spectrum outlook (FYSO) 2024–29 provides a broad overview of trends that affect spectrum management, and factors that inform our planning and spectrum allocation priorities.

Consultation on the draft FYSO is a key part of our engagement with industry and the community. It enables transparency about our spectrum work program, helps inform future activities and provides predictability for spectrum users about our planning allocation and licensing regulatory activities. 

Covering the 5 financial years until 2028–29, the draft FYSO includes a detailed annual work program, which outlines our activities and milestones for the 2024–25 financial year. 

In the draft FYSO, we outline work including:

  • Completing mid-band spectrum allocations in the 3.4–4.0 GHz band to support a wide range of use-cases across Australia. 
  • Advancing 2 bands in the planning process – adding the upper 6 GHz (6425–7124 MHz) band to the preliminary replanning stage and progressing the 1.9 GHz band to the implementation stage.
  • Progressing activities relating to spectrum licences due to expire between 2028 and 2032.
  • Progressing the allocation of licences for 2 GHz mobile satellite services.
  • Continuing to support television and radio spectrum planning and allocation activities.
  • Continuing our staged program of work to bring radiocommunications equipment regulation into the equipment rules framework in Part 4.1 of the Radiocommunications Act.
  • Progressing reviews on a large number of radiocommunications instruments due to sunset.

We expect to publish the final FYSO 2024–29 in the third quarter of the 2024–25 financial year.

Have your say

We invite feedback on the draft work plan we will follow for the next 12 months, and any other issues in the draft Five-year spectrum outlook 2024–29.

We welcome your submissions by Monday 6 May.

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