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Satellite direct-to-mobile services: regulatory issues

We want to know if the current regulatory environment is suitable for future satellite direct-to-mobile services. 

Closing in 54 days (31 January 2024)
In progress
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    Consultation opened

    09 Nov 2023
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    Consultation closes

    31 Jan 2024

The issue

In our Five-year spectrum outlook 2023–28 (FYSO), we provided information on arrangements and potential issues with:

  • satellite direct-to-mobile services
  • other satellite use of bands without a satellite allocation. 

We also committed to further engaging with industry on the issue.

As part of this work, we held an online spectrum tune-up on 31 October 2023 where we:

  • discussed whether the regulatory environment for satellite direct-to-mobile services is fit-for-purpose
  • heard from interested parties
  • provided an opportunity to discuss potential issues and solutions.

We now invite your submissions on the issues raised in the FYSO and at the tune-up.

Have your say

We welcome your views on regulatory and spectrum management issues concerning:

  • satellite direct-to-mobile services
  • other satellite uses of bands without an existing satellite allocation. 

In particular, we would like feedback on the following matters:

  1. Is the current spectrum management framework fit-for-purpose to manage these new satellite services? This includes spectrum-licensed bands and other bands covered by the LIPD class licence.
  2. If not considered fit-for-purpose: What are your concerns? What is your proposed solution? What next steps should be taken?
  3. Are there any other commercial, regulatory or public-benefit implications we should take into account?

Please send us your feedback by 5 pm (AEDT) Wednesday, 31 January 2024.

Publication of submissions

Read about the ACMA’s policy regarding the publication of submissions.

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