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FM broadcasting services band in the Perth RA1 licence area - consultation 17/2021

We’re consulting on options to replan the FM broadcasting services band in Perth.

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Consultation number
IFC 17/2021
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    Open for comment

    29 Apr 2021
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    Consultation closed

    21 Jun 2021
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    Submissions published

    09 Aug 2021

Key documents


We are currently reviewing submissions and considering the issues and suggestions raised. Once this process is complete, we will propose the way forward for the Perth FM band replanning options.

Previous consultation: The issue

For many years, the full use of FM broadcasting services band in Perth has been constrained by the presence of VHF Band II analog TV on channels 3 and 5 in Bunbury.

These channels have not been used for television since the switchover to digital TV in 2013, creating an opportunity to make additional high-power/wide-coverage FM frequencies available in Perth.

UPDATE: On page 8, in the Engineering analysis outcomes section, the second bullet point under the 102.5 MHz: high-power 100 kW omni-directional FM service heading has been amended to now read (change indicated in bold):

  • The Perth 6SEN community 101.7 MHz service needs to relocate from its current Ardross site to a new site at Bickley and increase ERP from 8 kW to 16 kW.

Have your say

We welcome comments from interested stakeholders on the options outlined in the paper, or on any other issues relevant to replanning FM spectrum in the Perth RA1 licence area.

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