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Body scanners class licence

This class licence lets authorised people use body scanners at Australian airports.

What this class licence lets you do

Body scanners use radio frequencies to find items and substances on a person.

This class licence lets authorised people use body scanners at certain Australian airports.

The class licence allows body scanners to be used at security controlled airports. The Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 defines which airports are security-controlled airports.

To use a body scanner, you must work for a screening authority or be involved in special training.

Under this licence, registered training organisations (RTOs) may also use a body scanner to train people.

Licence rules

You don't need to apply for a class licence or pay any fees.

But you must follow all the rules in the:

Frequencies for body scanners

You can find the frequencies for body scanners in the class licence.

Problems with interference or reception

All users operate on shared frequencies.

You cannot get protection from interference under a class licence.

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