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Australian voluntary code(s) of practice for online disinformation

The government has asked digital platforms to develop a voluntary code of practice to counter disinformation and help users to better identify the quality of online news and information.

The ACMA has been asked to oversee the development of the code. We have released a position paper, see below, which outlines what we think the codes should cover.

It also sets out how we will assess the codes’ development and effectiveness.

The Digital Industry Group Inc (DIGI) is developing the code on behalf of digital platforms. A draft code of practice on disinformation has been released for public consultation. Submissions close 24 November 2020. Further detail on the draft code and the public consultation process can be found on the DIGI website.

Find out more about online misinformation.

Email the ACMA to find out more about our role in the code development process.

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