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Do Not Call Register scam


Have you received a call asking you to pay a fee to keep your number on the Do Not Call Register? Hang up – it’s a scam. 

We are getting reports of scammers calling people and pretending to be from the Do Not Call Register. 

In these calls, scammers ask people for their bank or credit card details to enrol or keep their phone number on the register. The callers promise to block nuisance calls and may have some personal information about you, such as your name, address or even part of your credit card number, that makes the call seem genuine. 

If you receive one of these calls, hang up.

The facts

  • The Do Not Call Register will never contact you about renewing your registration. 
  • The Do Not Call Register will never ask for your bank details.
  • Registering a number on the Do Not Call Register is free, permanent, and does not need to be renewed annually.

How to protect yourself

If you are ever unsure of whether a call is genuine – stop and think. Don’t rush to act. Scammers will always try to create a sense of urgency. Never provide any personal details on the phone if you don’t know who the caller is. If you need to check if it is a genuine call, contact the organisation they say they are from, using details you find yourself – for example, search for a phone number or look up the official website or app.

Scammers target everyone. Talk with your friends and family – especially if they are elderly or vulnerable – about how to identify scams. Learn more about how to protect yourself from phone scams on the ACMA website.

If you think you’ve been scammed, contact your financial institution immediately to stop any payments. The Scamwatch website has helpful information about what to do next.

IDCARE can help if your identity has been compromised or stolen. Call 1800 595 160 or visit

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