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Scam alert – Remote access requests

Remote access scam alert

Be wary of callers pretending to be from well-known companies or government agencies, claiming there’s a problem with your account or device and wanting remote access to fix it.

It‘s probably a scam.

The ACMA is aware of impersonation scams trying to gain access to your phone or computer. Brands targeted can include NBN, PayPal and eBay. The caller will generally create a sense of urgency – for example, by claiming there are suspicious transactions on your account, or that your information has been compromised in a recent data breach.

The caller may already have some of your personal information (from public or stolen sources) and might ask you to confirm your name, address, driver’s licence or credit card number.

The caller will ask you to download legitimate remote access apps or software on your mobile phone or computer. These include, but are not limited to: AnyDesk, TeamViewer QuickSupport and Zoho Assist. Once an app is downloaded, the caller might ask you to log into your bank account or other services that hold sensitive information about you.

Do not download any apps or give the caller remote access to your phone or computer. If scammers access your device, they may be able to obtain your bank login or other personal details. This can then be used to steal your money or sensitive information. If in doubt, hang up and contact the brand or government agency via the phone number on a bill or their website.

Scammers target everyone. We encourage Australians to discuss how to identify scams with friends and family. Learn more about how to protect yourself and those close to you on the ACMA website and make a report to Scamwatch.

If you are victim of a cybercrime, go to ReportCyber.

If you’re concerned your identity has been compromised, or you have been a victim of a scam, contact your bank immediately and call IDCARE on 1800 595 160.

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