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ACMA decision on 5THE FM application for licence renewal


The ACMA has decided to refuse to renew the community broadcasting licence for South Australia-based community radio station, 5THE FM.

In August 2022, the ACMA accepted a late renewal application from 5THE FM, based in Millicent in South Australia.

After careful consideration of 5THE FM’s application, the ACMA decided that the application did not demonstrate that 5THE FM had the management or financial capacity to continue providing a service which would meet the needs of the community.

The ACMA has contacted 5THE FM and relevant parties to advise that the licence will not be renewed.

The ACMA is very aware of the importance of a community radio broadcasting service to the Millicent community. It is open for a company formed in Australia to apply to the ACMA for a Temporary Community Broadcasting Licence in the Millicent RA1 licence area. In addition, within the next 12 months the ACMA expects to advertise for applications for a long term community broadcasting licence in the Millicent RA1 licence area.

Potential applicants for a Temporary Community Broadcasting Licence can obtain additional information by contacting

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