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Allocation summary - 2.3 GHz band (2011)

Quick summary

Allocation date

15 May 2012

Amount raised


Licence expiry

24 July 2015





Winning price



Geraldton (3), Kalgoorlie (3), Central Queensland (3), Cameron Corner




Darwin (1), Darwin (2), Geraldton (1), Geraldton (2), Kalgoorlie (1), Kalgoorlie (2), Roxby Downs (1), South-West Western Australia (1), South-West Western Australia (2), South-West Western Australia (3), Western New South Wales / Bourke (1), Western New South Wales / Bourke (2), Gascoyne/Pilbara (1), The Kimberley (1), The Kimberley (2), South Australia (1), South Australia (2), South Australia (3), North Queensland (1), North Queensland (2), Central Queensland (1), Central Queensland (2), Cameron Corner (1), Cameron Corner (2)




Darwin (3), Roxby Downs (2), Roxby Downs (3), Mid West Radio Quiet Zone (2), Mid West Radio Quiet Zone (3), Gascoyne/Pilbara (2), Gascoyne/Pilbara (3), The Goldfields (2), The Goldfields (3), Northern Territory (2), Northern Territory (3), North Queensland (3)


Spectrum details

Band details

2302-2400 MHz

Licence type

Spectrum licences

Previous use


Licence period

Licences expire on 24 July 2015


Licensing in the 2302-2400 MHz band originally consisted of MDS (Multipoint Distribution Station) apparatus licences. These were originally issued by the Spectrum Management Agency (SMA) in 1994 to authorise the transmission of a broad range of sound and video services including subscription television services.

In March 1999, the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) released a discussion paper entitled 'Future Uses of the Multipoint Distribution System (MDS) Bands'. This paper was released in response to the impending expiry of many MDS licences and developments concerning 3G mobile services.

In 2000, the 2.3 GHz spectrum was designated by the then Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts for allocation under spectrum licences. Existing MDS apparatus licences in the band were converted to spectrum licences.

The spectrum lots allocated in 2011 were those that remained unsold from the conversion to spectrum licences that took place in 2000.

The allocation process was managed in accordance with the Marketing Plan, the Radiocommunications (Allocation of Spectrum Licence by Auction or Pre-determined Price) Determination 2006 and the Application Information Package. The spectrum licences issued in as a result of the allocation process in 2011 expire on 24 July 2015, the expiration date of spectrum licences allocated in the 2.3 GHz band.

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