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ACMA creates new licence type

This document outlines the ACMA’s approach to implementing area-wide apparatus licence (AWL) types in bands.

In response to changes in Australia’s spectrum landscape, the ACMA has created the area-wide apparatus licence type (AWL). It includes:

  • the ‘area-wide’ type for transmitter licences
  • the ‘area-wide receive’ type for receive licences

The ACMA is exploring the option of using this new licence type in the 26 and 28 GHz millimetre wave (mmWave) bands. These are the focus for the deployment of high-capacity 5G services and technologies. If appropriate, we will consider other bands for AWLs in the future.

AWLs will allow licensees to run several radiocommunications devices at a specified frequency or frequencies within a geographic area. The characteristics of the AWL type make it well-suited for a range of uses and users.

Generally, the ACMA does not intend to issue AWLs in a band until it has consulted and decided on a range of matters. These include technical conditions and pricing arrangements.

You can find more information on the issues we will seek feedback on when considering AWLs for a band in Area-wide licensing: ACMA approach to introducing area wide licences.

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