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700 MHz technical framework

This page contains documents and other information relevant to the technical framework for spectrum licensing in the 700 MHz band. 

Band-specific documents



Broadcast and retransmission service exclusion zones

No maps are published as all exclusion zones have been lifted

Block E Predicted coverage areas of digital television broadcasting and retransmission services

Block E services Google Earth Placemark file


Block E services ESRI Shapefile Format

Section 145 Determination

Radiocommunications (Unacceptable Levels of Interference - 700 MHz Band) Determination 2023 (

Radiocommunications Advisory Guidelines

Radiocommunications Advisory Guidelines (Managing Interference from Spectrum Licensed Transmitters – 700 MHz Band) 2023 (

Radiocommunications Advisory Guidelines (Managing Interference to Spectrum Licensed Receivers –700 MHz Band) 2023 (

Current licence holders

700 MHz band

The methodology used to generate maps of digital television coverage areas and exclusion zones is provided for reference. All relevant documentation is included in the public consultation package. Note that there are now no exclusion zones in force as all licensed digital TV services have relocated out of the 700 MHz band.

Maps depicting predicted coverage areas of Block E digital television broadcasting and retransmission services, pursuant to Part 3.2(2) of Radiocommunications Advisory Guidelines (Managing Interference from Spectrum Licensed Transmitters - 700 MHz band) 2023 can be found in the above table.

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