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Action on content complaints and investigations: January to March 2021

Accessed broadcast matters

We assessed 41 matters

Commenced investigations

We commenced 9 investigations

Finalised invetigations

We finalised 18 investigations

Breach finding

There were 16 investigations with breach findings


Decisions to investigate

We consider every complaint we receive and assess whether to investigate.

Number of matters / investigations

Graph 1

Investigations commenced or declined by sector

Graph 2

Investigations finalised

Graph 3

Investigations finalised by sector

Graph 4

Average time taken to finalise closed investigations as at 31 March 2021

Graph 5

Provisions investigated

The ACMA receives and investigates complaints about:

  • licence conditions
  • program standards
  • codes of practice.

Broadcasting codes of practice investigations usually assess a broadcast against more than one provision of the relevant code.

The table below shows finalised investigations and the relevant provisions. Breaches found during this period are shown in bold. Details of one investigation finalised in the reporting period will be added once it is published.

Investigation number

Date of broadcast / Broadcaster


Provisions investigated

Provisions of the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice 2015 (revised 2018)



Queensland Television Ltd

Allegation that a Gold Coast Nine News report about an assault on a taxi driver did not exercise sensitivity and breached the privacy of the victim.

  • 3.2.1(d): Distress
  • 3.5.1: Privacy



Channel Seven Brisbane Pty Ltd

Allegation that a 7 News Gold Coast report about an assault on a taxi driver did not exercise sensitivity and breached the privacy of the victim.

  • 3.2.1(d): Distress
  • 3.5.1: Privacy

Provisions of the Commercial Radio Code of Practice March 2017 (Revised 2018)


Multiple dates

Harbour Radio Pty Ltd

Allegation of failure to disclose a commercial agreement with a sponsor.

  • 8: On-air disclosure (commercial agreement)
  • 9: On-air statement (production costs)
  • 10: Register of commercial agreements
  • 8(1)(b) Schedule 2 to the BSA



2HD Broadcasters Pty Ltd

Allegation that the John Laws Morning Show presented suicide as a means of achieving a desired result and that the licensee did not send a substantive response to the complainant within 30 business days.

  • 2.1.5 Depict suicide favourably
  • 2.2: Decency
  • 10.11: Complaint’s handling

Provisions of Schedule 2 to the BSA




Multicultural Radio & TV Association of WA Inc

Allegation that a community broadcaster was not encouraging community participation in the operations or selection and provision of programs.

  • 9(2)(c)(i): Encouraging participation in operations
  • 9(2)(c)(ii): Encouraging participation in selection and provision of programs











6/10/2020 to 15/10/2020

Resonate Regional Radio Pty Limited and Resonate Broadcasting Pty Ltd

Licensee self-reported non-compliance with minimum service standards for local news for 10 licences.

  • 8(2)(c): Comply with the local news and information requirements
  • ss 61CD(1)(a): Comply with minimum service standards for local news
  • ss 61CP: Comply by taking reasonable steps to ensure that the plan is complied with.

Provisions of Part 9D of the BSA




WIN PEACH / WIN Television Vic Pty Ltd

Allegation of lack of captioning on a multi-channel of the Mom and The Big Bang Theory programs.

  • 7(1)(o): Comply with rules and standards
  • ss 130ZS(1): Requirements for multi-channelled commercial television broadcasting service


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