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RALI MS32: Mid West Radio Quiet Zone

RALI MS32 protects radio astronomy from interference in part of Western Australia. It covers transmitters and receivers in the radio quiet zone (RQZ).

Accredited persons should use Radiocommunications Assignment and Licensing Instruction (RALI) MS32:

  • to coordinate transmitters and radio astronomy receivers in the radio quiet zone
  • as a basis for consulting on the thresholds and minimisation of interference

Signal levels must be within the thresholds set at the Murchison Observatory. If levels are higher, the licensee must reduce them by:

  • using a different location where the terrain provides natural shielding
  • reducing transmitter EIRP

If the licensee cannot reduce signal levels, they should discuss options with the operators within the Murchison Observatory. If they cannot agree on a solution, we will set the solution.

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